From moths and flies to wasps, hornets and bees, flying pests can range from annoying to dangerous.

Whether you have a wasp nest threatening the safety of your property, or a moth infestation that is damaging all your clothing, we have the professional expertise to handle all flying pest problems.

Our Process

Property Survey

Before we begin any treatment, we always carry out a full risk assessment survey that will ensure we have a thorough understanding of the type and extent of the infestation. For wasp and hornet infestations, we first find the main nest, as well as any other infested areas. With moth infestations, our professional exterminators will carefully examine any risk areas, including wardrobes, carpets, and furniture. Once this in-depth assessment is completed, we can offer expert advice and guidance on how best to deal with your specific infestation.


In necessary cases, we use a specialist pesticide sprayed on all carpets and soft furnishings that will kill all flying insects on contact. This pesticide has a long-lasting effect that will eliminate all flying pests for days after application. All chemicals used by Dragonstop Pest Control are non-toxic to ensure your health and safety. In certain cases, we also apply a fumigation treatment using an Ultra-Low Volume machine to excite and draw out any pests from cracks and crevices in your property. In the case of wasps and bees, we will remove the nest entirely, taking all safety precautions to ensure you and your family remain safe.

Long-Term Prevention

With internal treatments, we advise clients not to vacuum or clean their carpets and soft furnishings for 14 days after the treatment, so that the long-lasting pesticide spray can kill any hatching eggs. We also provide in-depth advice and guidance on how to keep your property free of all flying pests.

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