How To Identify Insect Bites

​​​​​​​by DragonStop Pest Control

Stings of insects about which it is necessary to know everyone

Whether it has happened to you that you saw a sting and couldn't understand who or what bit you? Or perhaps you were sure that it is a sting of a mosquito, but in several hours strange symptoms began to disturb you? Anyway, it is better to be able to understand insects who like to bite people to be guided in respect of treatment.


The most unpleasant part in a sting of a tick is that most likely, you won't even feel when he bites you. These wreckers are able to look for "food" imperceptibly for the person. As a rule, their stings cause reddening and look as a red circle around a black or red point. Don't forget that if you were bitten by a tick, it is necessary to remove at once an insect entirely before he manages to infect you with something.


The sting of a mosquito has an appearance of a red swelling on an integument. As a rule, the swelling has the form of a circle or a drop. However the most important - not to scratch stings of a mosquito though it and is difficult. In case of combing the affected site will become angrier.


Wasps bite quite painfully and often at once fly away, leaving the person in ignorance that occurred. As a rule, stings of a wasp strongly itch, cause puffiness and reddening. The area of a sting is wider, than at a mosquito, and the space of penetration of a sting for skin is distinctly traced.


If the honey bee stings the person, she leaves life. After a sting the sting gets into skin and remains inside, but together with a sting of a bee leave a part of a stomach and digestive tract that serves as the reason of their death. Because of it it is very easy to distinguish stings of bees, but the sting needs to be removed immediately that poison didn't get to a blood-groove.


And though it is difficult to distinguish a wasp and a hornet externally, their stings absolutely different. Hornets treat poisonous insects and the area of a sting instantly reddens and swells up. It happens so that the sting can cause emergence of blisters. If you after a sting test numbness or skin begins to become blue, immediately address the expert.


Fleas, as a rule, bite legs. And it is easy to find their stings, quite often they bite several times. Stings itch stronger, than a sting of a mosquito, and sometimes they look as small balls on skin.

Red Ants

The majority of species of ants aren't poisonous and at most that they can make - to cause irritation on skin. However, if you noticed on the body of a red ant - immediately move away him. Saliva of these ants contains the toxin which is quite often causing allergic reaction in a human body. The area of a sting becomes red and looks as a sting of a flea. But a difference in sensitivity: you will precisely notice a sting of an ant.
Sting of gadflies very painful therefore you don't miss the moment when you are bitten. As a rule, on the place of a sting